Thursday, October 17, 2019

Bringing History to Life

Living History Display at the Library

Living History Project
 This joint project was undertaken to offer the opportunity for Whitewood School Fourth Grade Students to participate in a "Living History Day."  Whitewood and Crook City are intertwined historically, it seemed natural to spend the day learning about both cities.  

In the morning of May 13 2019, the students examined the Whitewood Library Historical Collection: Crook City Artifacts and wrote short stories about some artifacts.  In the afternoon hours, the students walked around the town taking photographs  of the 125 year old buildings still existing , buildings greatly modified, and spaces where historical buildings have been torn down.  A book was created for both the morning and afternoon sessions.  This activity was an overwhelming success at accomplishing the goal at providing the students with "living history" lesson.  The students, each with their own learning style, found a way to fully participate in each undertaking.

A Special Thank You to our Volunteers and Supporters
Mr Jones, 4th grade teacher for preparing his students.
Rea Weyrich, Library Director, sorting historical photos & artifacts collections for appropriate material
Mary Livingston, Whitewood Friends of the Library & Historical Society, compiling the book pages
Barb Termes for providing the period costumes and dressing the students
Steve Ellis, metal detector operator, for donating found artifacts to the library 
Vaughn Boyd, Deadwood Tobacco Co., for her donation of cigar boxes
 Whitewood City Council for declaring the day"Living History Day."

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Archive Month at the Libary

In Celebration of American Archives Month in October
 Whitewood Library has events planned to preserve the history of our area.

American Archives Month is a collaborative effort by professional organizations and repositories around the nation to highlight the importance of records of enduring value. Staff and volunteers at the Whitewood Public library will  assess, collect, organize, preserve, maintain control of, and provide access to information that has lasting value to our region.

1 October – all MonthCataloging documents/pictures/papers.  Stop in anytime to categorize archival information
9 October – All monthLiving History Exhibit
19 October – 9:00-11:00Filing Day Help us catch up on filing Historical information in our  permanent binders. 
24 October – Community Reach OutThe library asks groups and organizations to contribute a brief summary of the last year or years to our Historical Binders.

Please join us this month, on the first Monday of the any month or when you have extra time to help us collect and preserve the history binders here at the Whitewood Library.

Whitewood Public Library, 1201 Ash St, Whitewood SD 57793

Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Commemorating Signing of the Constitution That Requires a Census Count of Everyone in the United States

From the very beginning, Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson disagreed.

In the popular Broadway musical Hamilton, the titular character Hamilton sings about his ongoing feuds with the then-secretary of state, Jefferson: “We have fought on like 75 different fronts.”

“It is fitting for the Census Bureau to celebrate Constitution Day with the people of Philadelphia as we look toward the 2020 Census next spring.”
— Steven Dillingham, Director, U.S. Census Bureau

Black census logo with census red tagline
And they did — on everything from creating a national bank to, yes, about how to conduct the first census.
The U.S. Constitution mandated a population count of every person who lived in the new nation. But Hamilton and Jefferson disagreed about how to use the census count to grant state political representation in Congress.
President George Washington broke the stalemate and used the presidential veto for the very first time. He eventually approved a variation of Jefferson’s apportionment method.
Tuesday, people will gather on Independence Mall in Philadelphia to observe the day the Constitution was signed in this city on Sept. 17, 1787.       more...

Monday, August 26, 2019

Summer Reading 2019



In celebration of NASA's 50th Anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 Moon Mission, we held our own activities.  Along with our Jr Library Helpers we made a galaxy in a test tube, our own planets, rockets, alien UFO's and more.  We experimented with rockets by launching them into the air, throwing asteroids and studying the spectra rays to name a few.  

 One small step for our
 Whitewood Library Astronauts 
One Giant Leap for their Imaginations



Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Library Board Members Duties

In Search for Library Board Members.
What will be asked of a Library Board Member?  Watch this video for a general description.   Let the library staff, the Mayor or City Hall know if you are interested.

Whitewood Library 269-1616, 1201 Ash Street, Whitewood, SD 57793
Whitewood City Hall 269-2247, 1025 Meade Street, Whitewood, SD  57793

Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Whitewood Friends of the Library are selling raffle tickets. What can you win?  A picnic table with umbrella. Help support our community by purchasing your ticket. Tickets are $5 or 5 tickets $20. Drawing will be August 1st.

Contact the Whitewood Public Library at 269-2616
1201 Ash Street, Whitewood, SD
See Kristine Hoffman at A&J Supply